How A Web Development Company Edmonton Can Help Your Business?

How A Web Development Company Edmonton Can Help Your Business?

We are living in the digital era and having a website for your business, no matter its size, kind, age or operating industry, is extremely essential. The popularity of the Internet and the digital platform as a huge global marketplace has been further fuelled by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This is where a web development company Edmonton comes into the scene.

In this blog, we have talked about what web development is and why is it the need of the hour for your business. Along with that, we have discussed how a web developer Edmonton or a web development company can be the right choice for you.

What Is Web Development And Why Is It Important?

According to a study, it was seen that 66% of the visitors of a website, when exposed to a particular website content for more than 15 minutes, are inclined to comment on its design in a negative or positive manner. The website of your business is more than just an electronic interface in today’s time. It is the image of your brand and web design and development surely has a huge role to play in it.

Web development and design is basically the process of designing and developing a website. This can be a single web page or a complex web application. Websites play a key role in the online marketing of your business and this is where you need some good work on the website design and development. A good website designer Edmonton or developer can help design and develop the website according to your business needs.

How A Web Development Company Edmonton Helps?

Here’s how web developers can help your business:

  • They help in evaluating the business needs and build the website accordingly!
  • Help build sophisticated websites with an appealing design.
  • Better navigation and accessibility.
  • Support and maintenance of your site.

That makes it amply clear that for the growth and success of your business, you surely need to get in touch with a reliable and experienced web development company Edmonton.

Are you looking for opportunities to boost the company’s competitiveness and make the most of your assets?

Web development company Edmonton

Customized application architecture will help you solve the challenge. To streamline the company’s many operations, you’ll need personalised web development services. You should come to web development company Edmonton. We’re one of the most well-known software creation firms. A team of skilled application developers supports our business. Our engineers create industry-leading solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs. Companies must maximise sales, lower costs, boost productivity, and improve customer loyalty levels in today’s competitive environment. This is where we step in and create custom applications for your company. Our goal is to provide you with a stable framework that allows you to take advantage of the new technology to their maximum potential.

Web developer Edmonton is a leading PHP consulting firm that specialises in offering flexible and high-quality PHP and MYSQL development services to a wide range of international clients. OOPS-based development on Linux, Apache, PHP 5, MYSQL, and Apache are among our specialties (LAMP).

We at web development company Edmonton recognise that any good e-commerce platform must combine policy, aesthetics, and technical smoothness in order to draw targeted users and prospects. We specialise in e-commerce web design and development to help you turn travellers into customers.

We also develop tailored e-commerce applications that can quickly cater to any of your company’s problems and needs. Web developer Edmonton will be happy to assist you in making your e-business run more smoothly and successfully, from shopping cart and product catalog creation to payment gateway integration.

Written text, photographs, photo galleries and animations, as well as audio and video clippings, make up the website’s content. In today’s dynamic market climate, an immersive website is a must for online business growth. Web development company Edmonton a competent CMS website production company so that you have a stable and flexible Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to handle the website’s content at your leisure and tailor it to meet the needs of end users.

If you need visual representation, corporate branding, or personalised site creation and upkeep, we’ve got you covered. Our dependable web development company Edmonton can keep you on top of the game at all times. Our in-house developers are sharp and savvy when it comes to web creation advantages! Web developer Edmonton has collaborated with a variety of website coding points, including WordPress, Laravel, Code-Ignitor, Custom PHP, Site-center, Dot NET, Magento, Shopify, among others to give our customers direct access to our group, allowing them to sit with our engineers and witness the progress. We place a premium on efficiency, innovation, and tempo. We committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing exceptional and timely Web Development services.

How A Professional Web Developer Can Save You From Unprepared E-Commerce Website?

How A Professional Web Developer Can Save You From Unprepared E-Commerce Website?

Many website owners go through an awry feeling mainly because of being victims to data breaches. This entails – locking down accounts, identity theft monitoring subscriptions, and further erosion of trust between customers and vendors. It is a website development company with whom you should consult at the earliest and let them know your requirements so that your site can be fortified and maintained accordingly.

Eyeing the annoying situation

It is even more sobering to approach this scenario as a business that must continually earn customer satisfaction; if your site is hacked and customer data is compromised, it is likely to have a considerable impact on your reputation and relationship with your customers. Therefore, one of the most proactive steps you can take is to ensure that your e-commerce site is compliant with PCI DSS standards.

Hire a professional web development company in Edmonton that is specialized in dealing with PCI compliance. They can guide you in affirmative steps to secure your site better and demonstrate to customers that you take the security of their payment data seriously.

Why PCI compliance is important?

Bear in mind, your website doesn’t store any credit card data on its own. If for any reason you need to collect credit card numbers through website form and then run them manually, consider stopping immediately as storing credit card numbers in your site can be risky without robust security. It will only increase your liability. In such cases you should consult with a professional web developer in Edmonton to fortify the system appropriately.

The role of a web developer for PCI Compliance

A professional web developer lets you relax and ensure complete peace of mind. They prioritise the feature of safety and protection and provide reliable and secured services that suit your needs. They know how to use uniform standards and allow customers and website owners to feel confident in the knowledge that the credit card payment processors are all taking the same steps to ensure that data is stored safely and securely.

Website development companies are knowledgeable in handling the entire PCI process. They can help you set up scans, evaluate and address the vulnerabilities and then assist in the completion of forming a robust website that can be trusted. A website developer is not just for making designs and adjustments, he/she is also adept in guarding your website.